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Actor - Singer - Writer 



"Jill is really an exceptional actor... But that's just the tip of the iceberg with Jill. To work with Jill is to know Jill as a person. And what she brings to the set is just an incredible amount of good nature and enthusiasm and commitment. She always offers the best, most constructive suggestions to get the best outcome from the project that she's working on." 

- Alex Rollins Berg

Writer/Director of Asleep, Awake  (2022)

"Jillian is profoundly passionate performer and was an absolute delight to work with, not only because of her expansive talents but because of her heart. She brought a deep understanding of her character and an energy to set that was beautiful, professional, and so essential to the process."

- Nicole Denise White

Director of Cycle  (2023)

"Jill knows how funny I think she is and more than that, she is an incredibly thoughtful and kind performer. She brings so much great energy into the room and makes things fun for everyone."

- Patrick Keene

NYU Tisch, Stonestreet Studios Faculty  (2022)

"Jillian is consistently prepared, professional, and game to play around with some strange characters. "

- Malcom Mills

Writer/Director of Strega  (2022)

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